Our Values

Nutty Transparency
We believe in a see-through approach to nut butter. So we give our customers a full-frontal look behind the Nutista curtain, to show you what goes in your nut butter and how it’s made. We don’t want any mystery about what makes our creations so flavorful, fun and nutritious. Are we nuts? Totally. We also have nothing to hide and everything to showcase, and we want you to have fun along with us. Besides, we couldn’t stop talking about this no matter how hard we tried.

Diehard Stoners
There are a zillion ways to cut corners and crank out a product. There’s only one way to make the world’s greatest nut butter: the stone-ground method. We won’t budge on this rock-hard premise. Yes, it takes a lot more time and expense. But the slow and low-temperature benefit of true stone grinding is the only way to get the heavenly texture, otherworldly flavor and of-this-world nutrition you find with us. Thanks to our in-depth research and rolling-stones expertise, the naturally occurring oils in our nuts are woven deep into our butters for very little oil separation. For us, stone grinding is the only way to rock.

Innovative -- and Fun -- Innovation
Like the craft brewers who inspire us, our goal is to make nut butter in small, artful, carefully conceived batches, in flavors nobody imagined. Why? Going where no nut has ever gone before is big fun, and fun is crucial for us at Nutista. More importantly, making nut butters that defy the status quo and thrill the imagination allows us to satisfy our artisan urges and make people healthier and more entertained with every spoonful. By gleefully trying new things and ignoring all limitations, we also bring more people face-to-face with the power of nuts. All while making our little corner of the world far less boring and way more tasty.

Flavor Fulfilment
Of all of our staunch beliefs, this one is the key driver at Nutista. To live up to our standards, “we use the best ingredients possible” cannot be an empty cliché. We have to mean it, and you have to taste it in every bite. That’s why we get primo hazelnuts from northern Italy, goose-bumping Brazil nuts from South America, Elliot pecans from Georgia, and elusive boutique cashews that make a candy maker jealous. Yes, sometimes these delicious ingredients are hard to find and aren’t cheap. But life is short. And full-tilt flavor is our Nutista quest and our mission cannot be compromised.