The "Controversial" Nutbutter & Pickle Sandwich Recipe

Recently a Thrillist article came out discussing a six-year old "recipe" from The New York Times for a Peanut Butter and Pickle Sandwich. A recipe that is so entrenched in controversy and disagreement, that we think it should be referred to as the "Polarizing Peanut Butter and Pickle Sandwich!"

Never one to shy away from controversy, especially controversy around our nuts, we decided to face this polarizing topic head on, and with pickle spear in hand. The first task was finding the subject matter expert in all things pickles, and we found that in fellow local artisan, Jarod Farver of Farv's Pickles.

Next, we asked our followers to suggest which one of our nutbutters and Farv's pickles would go best together in the sandwich. This produced two great product pairing ideas.

And just like that we were off to the races, two nuts and one pickle, a story of unusual pairing perfection.

Step 1: Toast that bread!

Nutista toast

Step 2: In our case, we were making two recipes, so we laid down generous helpings of both "The Mountie" and "The Monkey King" on our toasted bread.

Step 3: For "The Mountie" + Hot Dill Pickle sandwich, get those pickles on that sandwich!

Step 4: For "The Monkey King" + Green Bean sandwich, get those green beans on that sandwich!

Step 5: Get your drizzle on.

Step 6: Enjoy!


Oh yeah and we filmed the entire thing! Watch the video:

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