Shell to Shelf: A Journey to Whole Foods

It's been an incredible journey to get here, and we're so grateful for your support and feedback. Our co-founder, Greg Koch (co-founder of Stone Brewing) started stonegrinding nutbutter in his home 6-7 years ago, bringing jars of his healthy creations into the Stone Brewing HQ breakroom - aptly labeling the jars - "GK's nut butter." The ideology was simple - full flavor through better quality ingredients, nut varietals, super foods, and never any nonsense like oils, sugars, or preservatives.

Fast forward to today, Greg's nutbutters and nutty creations are available in over 100 retailers (including Whole Foods), online at, and through the entrepreneurial venture - Nutista - co-founded by Greg Koch, Tristen Cross, and John Huber.

We truly started "at home" doing nutty research and development to perfect our recipes, and it's beyond exciting to say we're on shelf at Whole Foods and many other retail partners. Enjoy!

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