Nutista Launches Collaboration Nutbutter with Stone Brewing

Tangerine Express IPA Version Takes Small-Batch Nutbutter to New and Beery Places

Nutista -- a new and innovative nutbutter company in Carlsbad, California -- is launching a new product in collaboration with Escondido, California’s Stone Brewing.

Nutista/Stone Tangerine Express IPA nutbutter is named for Stone’s popular fruit-enhanced IPA and is made with blanched almonds, dry roasted peanuts, golden light dry malt, brewer's yeast, Himalayan sea salt, and tangerine and pineapple, two fruits that are also used in Stone’s Tangerine Express IPA.

Nutista sold its first creations in late 2017 and shares a connection with Stone: the company was founded by John Huber, Tristen Cross and Stone co-founder Greg Koch. A longtime advocate for healthy eating and all-natural foods, Koch began experimenting with nut spreads six years ago. He partnered with Cross and Huber to do for mass-market nutbutter what Stone did for “fizzy yellow” industrial beer.

“I look at nutbutter with a craft brewer mentality,” Koch says. “We’re making things ourselves and creating new versions that never existed. And we’re doing it with carefully chosen ingredients, creativity, rigid adherence to quality, and a vigorous pursuit of incredible flavor.”

Starting May 17, Stone and Nutista fans across the U.S. can purchase the new Nutista Tangerine Express IPA creation at  and . The product will also be available at all Stone Company Stores starting May 17. Nutista’s other products can be purchased at the company’s web site and at these specialty grocery stores in Southern California: Jimbo’s Naturally (San Diego), Erewhon Markets (Los Angeles) and Clark’s Nutrition & Natural Foods Market (Los Angeles, Palm Springs).

Nutista products contain no added cane sugar or palm oil and are made in Carlsbad. They are slowly made in small batches (about 150 pounds) by a stone-ground method. “We do things the hard way, but the right way,” Huber says. “Stone-grinding is a time-consuming process, but it delivers a flavor and texture that comes roaring through when you taste it. You can’t get that quality with conventional modern-day methods.”

Nutista’s core lineup features three blends:

  • The Nut Job – Made with raw cashew, sprouted almond, dry roasted peanut and Elliot pecan
  • The Mountie – The same four nuts as Nut Job with an addition of real New England maple syrup
  • The Monkey King – A classic flavor combo made with real bananas and roasted peanuts

“Our goal,” Cross says, “is to make nutbutter much more accessible, fun, and delicious. So we make innovative, nutritious flavors that have culinary flair and are super clean. They’re crafted from the very best ingredients we can find -- no matter what the cost -- and made without any unhealthy ingredients.”

This is the second collaboration Nutista has done with Stone. In March the company released a limited-release Nutista/Stone Totalitarian Imperial Russian Stout product that echoed the flavors of Stone’s popular extra-strength stout. It was built with an array of ingredients inspired by or used in the beer including Belizian cacao, Brazilian coffee, and an array of darkly roasted malted barley.

Members of the media seeking more information on Nutista and Tangerine Express IPA nutbutter can contact Marty Jones at .


Nutista Tangerine Express IPA nutbutter tasting notes:
Appearance: Tan with fine speckles of orange.
Texture: Creamy and pourable, ideal for dipping or drizzling.
Aroma: Roasted peanuts followed by bold citrus and buttery nuts.
Taste: Bright tangerine and pineapple backed by pale malts, decadent nut butter, and a hint of brewing yeast.
Overall: A tropical nutbutter with a wonderfully complex mix of bold and bright citrus and nut flavors.

Stone Tangerine Express IPA tasting notes:
Appearance: Light golden with slight haze.
Aroma: Bright pineapple and tangerine combined with fresh citrus and tropical hops.
Taste: Intense layers of fresh fruit and bright hops, with juice and pith notes and a long finish.
Palate: Crisp, clean, refreshingly bitter. A pithy fruit quality and a satisfying back-end IPA bitterness.
Overall: A complex IPA with fresh hoppy dankness and bitterness, rounded out with just-picked fruit.


About Nutista Authentic Stoneground Nutbutters
Say: /nuh•tea'•stah/. Experts in all things nutty and born in 2017, Nutista is on a mission to make nuts more fun and accessible for all. Cofounders Tristen Cross, John Huber and Greg Koch make small-batch, all-natural and innovative nutbutters designed for healthier and tastier living. Nutista creations are made by stone-grinding methods and crafted with passion, carefully sourced ingredients, and as much time as it takes. (“And nuttin’ else.”) Nutista products never include added cane sugar, palm oil, or artificial ingredients. For more information on Nutista Authentic Stoneground Nutbutters, visit or the company’s social media sites via @nutista on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter

About Stone Brewing
Founded by Greg Koch and Steve Wagner in 1996, the groundbreaking San Diego-based Stone Brewing is the 8th largest craft brewer in the United States. An award-winning industry leader, Stone has been listed on the Inc. 500 | 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies list 12 times and has twice been called the “All-time Top Brewery on Planet Earth” by BeerAdvocate magazine. Stone is the first American craft brewer to independently build, own and operate its own brewery in Europe (Berlin, Germany), and also has a production brewery in Richmond, Virginia. Known for its bold and largely hop-centric beers, Stone has earned a reputation for outstanding and unique beers and an unwavering commitment to sustainability, business ethics, philanthropy and the art of brewing -- and pledging to never, ever sell out to the man.  For more information visit or the company’s social media sites on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.


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