Nutista Expands Into Total Wine & More’s California Stores

Nutista -- an innovative, artisan-minded stoneground nutbutter company in Carlsbad, California – will now have its Nutista / Stone Brewing collaboration nutbutters in all Total Wine & More stores in California. Starting October 18, these 26 stores will carry Nutista / Stone Tangerine Express IPA Nutbutter and the new Nutista / Stone Xocoveza Nutbutter.

Total Wine & More (“America's Wine Superstore®”) is the nation’s largest independent retailer of fine wine. The company started in 1991 when brothers David and Robert Trone opened a small store in Delaware. Today, Total Wine & More operates 188 superstores across 23 states and continues to grow its store roster.

“This is a big step for our scrappy, rule-breaking company,” says Nutista co-founder Tristen Cross. “It dramatically boosts our reach across California, and it gets our beer-inspired creations in front of the thousands of Stone Brewing and craft beer fans who shop at Total Wine.”

The Total Wine & More placement increases Nutista’s presence in its current San Diego and Los Angeles markets, and expands its retailer footprint into San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento and Fresno, California.

Nutista co-founder Greg Koch is also a co-founder of Stone Brewing, and the brewery’s beers have had years of success with Total Wine. That success played a big role in Total Wine taking in the nutbutters, and Koch thinks the Nutista/Stone/Total Wine arrangement is a plus on several levels.

“Total Wine,” Koch says, “has a long history of carrying the very best artisanal products, and its customers   truly appreciate the finer things in life. So we’re very proud to have our nutbutters featured in the stores. Stone beers are also among Total Wine’s most popular, and that reinforces the relevance and unique nature of our Nutista nutbutters. I’m really excited that we’re now sharing them more widely in California.”

Nutista employs a craft brewer approach to nutbutter. It produces highly flavorful and nutritious stoneground creations in novel flavor combinations, all made from thoughtfully sourced and flavor-first nuts, fruits and spices. A disruptor in the $2.7 billion nut spreads category, Nutista’s inventive, status-quo-defying effort aims to make nutbutters -- and the health benefits of nuts -- more tasty, approachable and fun for consumers.

Nutista / Stone Tangerine Express IPA Nutbutter is a unique fruit-enhanced offering inspired by the popular Stone Tangerine Express IPA. It features bright tangerine and pineapple flavors atop decadent nut flavors and hints of pale malt and brewing yeast. It is made with blanched almonds, dry roasted Valencia peanuts, golden light dry malt, brewer's yeast, Himalayan sea salt, and tangerine and pineapple, two fruits that are also used in Stone Tangerine Express IPA. Initially a limited-release seasonal, it is now a year-round offering due to hearty consumer demand.

Released on October 11, Nutista / Stone Xocoveza Nutbutter is the nutty counterpart to Stone Brewing’s spiced-mocha winter seasonal, Stone Xocoveza. Like its namesake beer inspiration, Xocoveza features notes of cinnamon, cocoa and nutmeg followed by rich chocolate and subtle pepper flavors, and a hint of heat on its finish. It is made with raw cashews, dry roasted Valencia peanuts, Belizian cacao, lactose (milk sugar), coconut sugar, pasilla peppers, single-origin Brazil Oberon coffee, Korintji cinnamon, Ceylon cinnamon, brewer’s yeast, nutmeg and Himalayan sea salt.

The Nutista / Stone collaboration nutbutters do not contain alcohol.

Produced in-house in Carlsbad, California, all Nutista creations are made in small batches (about 150 pounds) by a time-consuming stoneground method. This slow and low-temperature process produces nutbutters with an especially creamy texture and extra nutrition, without the oil separation typically found in natural nutbutters.

They feature surprisingly low total sugar and hefty amounts of plant-based protein per serving, and contain no added cane sugar, palm oil, or unhealthy ingredients.

In addition to Total Wine & More stores and Nutista’s online  store, Nutista products are sold in about 50 retail stores in Southern California, including Jimbo’s Naturally (San Diego), Erewhon Markets (Los Angeles) and Clark’s Nutrition & Natural Foods Market (Los Angeles, Palm Springs).


About Nutista Authentic Stoneground Nutbutters
Say: /nuh•tea'•stah/. Experts in all things nutty and born in 2017, Nutista is on a mission to make nuts more fun and accessible for all. Cofounders Tristen Cross, John Huber and Greg Koch (co-founder of Stone Brewing) make small-batch, natural and innovative nutbutters designed for healthier and tastier living. Nutista creations are made by stone-grinding methods and crafted with passion, carefully sourced ingredients, and as much time as it takes. (“And nuttin’ else.”) Nutista products never include added cane sugar, palm oil, or artificial ingredients. For more information on Nutista Authentic Stoneground Nutbutters visit  or the company’s social media sites via @nutista on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

About Total Wine & More
Total Wine & More is America’s largest America’s largest independent retailer of fine wine, beer and spirits

with 170+ stores in 23 states. A four-time national retailer of the year award winner, the company’s vast selection of products, combined with low everyday prices and expertly trained wine associates, provides a unique shopping experience for the customer. Since opening its first store in 1991, Total Wine & More has been committed to being the premier wine, beer and spirits retailer in every community that it serves. For more information about Total Wine & More please visit

About Stone Brewing
Founded by Greg Koch and Steve Wagner in 1996, the groundbreaking San Diego-based Stone Brewing is the 8th largest craft brewer in the United States. An award-winning industry leader, Stone operates breweries in Richmond, VA, Napa, CA and Berlin, Germany. Stone’s most recent tap room opened in Shanghai, China in 2018. Known for its bold and largely hop-centric beers, Stone has earned a reputation for outstanding and unique beers and an unwavering commitment to sustainability, business ethics, philanthropy and independence.  For more information visit  or the company’s social media sites on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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